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January 2006
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Some Good News…
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Posted by: Dan @ 7:53 pm

2006 is off to a good start.
Last Tuesday (January 3) we went to the local hospital and Sandy had her first MRI since the day after the surgery at Stanford on October 24. We had the MRI sent overnight FedEx to Sandy’s oncologist at Stanford (the MRI is on a CD). We had to wait three long days (until Friday the 6th) to meet with her local oncologist, who had also conferred with the Stanford doctors.

After looking at the scans, they all agreed that there has been no change in the tumor site since the surgery, meaning no new growth of the tumor. This is great news. We didn’t expect to see any change so soon and also because Sandy has been feeling pretty good - no new symptoms - but it was a huge relief to view the MRI scan comparisons on the computer screen and see that there had been no change. She will continue to get an MRI every two months to check for any changes in the tumor area — some of it could not be removed surgically and the cancer is now the highest grade, fastest growing type.

So even though the cancer has not gone away, at least we can celebrate that a combination of the chemo drug, prayers (our own and yours), and a lot of hope and faith have kept it in check so far.

And in other good news… we both went cross-country skiing a few days ago. What a great feeling to be gliding along the tracks through the woods together. We also brought in the New Year in fine style by getting dressed in our best and going to a big gala dinner and dance party at the retreat where we got married just down the road. We figured after this past year we deserved to start this one right.

Sandy and I have also formed a team to ride in the LiveStrong Ride in Portland in September. It’s a fundraising event for the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Lance and other famous cyclists ride in the event so that will be exciting. Our team is called Friends of Sandy (thanks Tim). I’ll be riding a hundred miles (if my leg is healed and strong enough by then) and Sandy something less than that. A note to our cycling friends: we’ll be asking if you want to join our team, so check your email, or just go straight to the website and join. If you would like to help our team with a donation (each rider has to raise at least $500 to participate), check the website link to the LiveStrong Ride to the right and donate to any of our team who has not reached $500 yet. All the money raised goes toward cancer research and empowering those affected by cancer.

Here’s to living and riding strong.

Thank You and Good Night,