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LiveStrong Challenge 2008
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Posted by: Dan @ 8:32 pm

Lance Armstrong meets Sandy at the LiveStrong Challenge 2006 in Portland…
one week before she died.

Sandy and I at the LiveStrong Challenge
[from the Lance Armstrong Foundation website]

5 Responses to “LiveStrong Challenge 2008”

  1. D2 Says:
    Hi Dan! I just wanted to let you know that we’re thinking of you. In our orchard, I planted flower bulbs - and lots of them. We wanted to create little patches of color among the fruit trees. I was sitting in the orchard the other day and noticed that I planted lots of daffodils and tulips in the orchard and most of the tulips in our orchard were yellow - It struck me funny on how much yellow there was - I had planned for “color” and then I began to think of Sandy and how much the color yellow meant to her and means to you. So, now I feel that Sandy is with us in the orchard forever - she gets to watch the chipmunks run up our fruit trees and eat the leaves (BAD chipmunks!), she enjoys the rabbits running through the orchard, she is surrounded by blossoming fruit trees and yellow tulips and daffodils…We think of you both often and wish you peace. Love, D2
  2. Susie Archuleta Says:
    Dan, Thinking of you and Sandy. Love, Susie
  3. Eric S. Beardsley Says:
    GO,TEAM,GO, looking forward to seeing everyone next weekend!! Pat and Eric
  4. PJ Says:
    Dearest Dan, This time of year always reminds me of you and Sandy and I want to send you a greeting of love and a big cyber hug. Tho’t you might like to read the first rough draft of my Sandy’s Story for my book. Hope you are well and Sandy’s great strong spirit follows your heart each day. love PJ ps: please send me a short email to let me know you got this please!
  5. PJ Says:
    PS: I am in Montana working for my old hospice here as the on call nurse. Living in Lolo and so glad to be HOME! PJ

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