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Sandy’s Flowers
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Posted by: Dan @ 9:10 pm

Sometimes flowers can inspire… or at least teach.

Last August at the celebration of Sandy’s life, our friend Patty gave away hundreds of daffodil and tulip bulbs to be planted in the fall, in memory of Sandy. There were about 60 bulbs left over, but I didn’t have a chance to plant them until mid-November. I figured it was too late in the year and none of them would survive. Especially after it snowed a few inches two days after I planted them.

Last week the daffodils I planted started blooming, and not just a few, but apparently all of them. And the tulips are not far behind. I should have known better. Yellow is the color of hope and strength. Sandy made sure those flowers grew. But just a couple of days after the flowers bloomed, there was a change in the weather and it got really cold. I walked out into the garden early that morning — the thermometer read 17-degrees — and I feared what the flowers would look like. Sure enough, they were all laid over on the ground and looked dead. A thick white frost was on everything. The small joy and hope those flowers had given me was gone. I sat there and wept. I should have known better.

I returned home from work in the late afternoon and slowly walked out to the garden, expecting to see the flowers still laying there dead. I couldn’t believe my eyes — all the daffodils were upright and glowing yellow in the late-afternoon sun, looking perfect. I went up and looked at every flower — they were fine. The next three or four nights got just as cold.  I thought there was no way they could survive night after night of sub-20 temperatures. But they did, of course. And they are still looking beautiful today.

I like to imagine hundreds of these beautiful and tough flowers blooming in the gardens of family and friends right now. All for Sandy… and us. Reminding us to keep bouncing back… to keep living… just like she did.

Some of the flowers leading out to Sandy’s garden bench.

Sometimes a little yellow is all I need to keep rolling…

Good night,

8 Responses to “Sandy’s Flowers”

  1. Eric S. Beardsley Says:
    A little yellow to keep you rolling…. we are so glad to hear that,Dan!! We love you and look forward to seeing you this weekend.
  2. Tim Gartland Says:
    Hi Dan, Every so often we toss a glance your way to see whats up in the Garden of Friendship. Glad to see that the snow’s melted and flowers are popping! That’s a beautiful shot you have posted. Its warmer over here so we’ve moved past the daffodils and now the tulips provide the charm. Kim and I send our best wishes to you. Keep the faith. FOSB, Gig Harbor Chapter Tim and Kim Gartland
  3. Caryn O'Connor Says:
    Hi. Dan. Strong and resilient those flowers…just like Sandy. I hope you are doing well & taking care of yourself! I think about you EVERY day, and miss you so much. Love, your sister.
  4. Tracy Ismert Says:
    Hi Dan, Just wanted to let you know that we will be doing the angel adventure walk again this year. I mentioned Sandy on my site but wondered if you would like me to put a link to this page. Love the flowers Dan. Did you know that yellow Daffodils are the “cancer” flower in the UK and Australia. We have a thing called “fields of hope” and you see them everywhere. Much love Tracy.
  5. Megan O'Connor Says:
    Dear Brother Dan, Saturday, April 21, was a particularly tough day physically as I recupe (once again)from surgery. As Mom and I pulled up in the driveway, following a visit to the ER, there it was: a beautiful daffodil blooming tall and strong in the front yard flower bed. I’d planted Sandy’s memorial bulbs months ago and she must have known I needed a little extra sign that things would be ok if I just keep putting one foot in front of the other. It continues to stand proud during a terrific Kansas wind and rain storm this week. All I know today. All will be well and this too shall pass. Thanks Dan and Sandy. Love you. Megan
  6. Susie Archuleta Says:
    Dan, Thank you for your inspiring words. I see and feel Sandy’s presence in all that represents spring and its rebirth. I miss her, but know she is all around us giving us the strength and wisdom to embrace each day on this earth as she would want us to…as she did…with faith, dignity, forgiveness and love. Love, Susie and Family
  7. HAM Says:
    Dear Dan, Our daffodils too remind us of Sandy. And now, late in April, the hillside are filled with arrow-leafed balsamroot sunflowers, a particularly good blooming year, as if to remind us of our fun and gentle friend. I know you are passing these yellow hillsides on your bike ride to work, and can imagine your communion with Sandy as you roll along. We love you. God Bless. H&P and Clover Barky Bark Bark and Prunie
  8. Anonymous Says:
    Dan, Last night I was laying beside my third grade daughter and she looked at me and said “Mom, I really miss Ms Beardsley, she was so much fun and made every Wednesday Special” (she had Sandy only on Wed). “she used to read to us and play music…..I really miss her Mom” She talked for quite awhile and then she said her prayers….among them was a thank you to God for Ms Beardsley. I do not know what brought Sandy to her mind, it was totally out of the blue. We had just had a very fun and busy day. Sandy is still touching lives.

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