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June 2024
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Yesterday, June 22, would have been our 11th wedding anniversary (though Sandy and I always celebrated our real anniversary as well, the day of our first date and her birthday - July 13th). So to honor the day yesterday, I had my master gardener friend Barb help me pick out a large quantity of flowers to plant in our garden. It will be really beautiful when I get them planted today. And it will help me remember how blessed I am to have had what we had…

Sandy on our wedding day, June 22, 1996

This is part of a letter I wrote to Sandy for our wedding vows…

“…I have found in you, Sandra, an unexpected teacher (and not the 3rd grade kind). A teacher of what is important in this life. There is an unstoppable compassion in you for other people and, of course, other creatures as well. You put care and concern for others ahead of your own needs, and you do that just because it has to be done, not for praise or reward. You are my rock of love, kindness and powerful, heartfelt emotions. When my Irish cynicism starts getting the better of me, you’re right there with that incredible Scottish smile to set me straight again.

I believe it’s true that to have lived a good life, you must strive to make life better for someone else. I believe that both of us are doing that for each other. And that is part of what makes our love so great.

You and I have shared so much the past seven years, and it has all seemed so easy and right, that I try not to take for granted my good fortune. And that’s what today is all about… to celebrate our love with family and friends, who also help make our good fortune possible. And I look forward to much more with you Sandra… All my love…”

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  1. Caryn O'Connor Says:
    Hi. Dan. Sandy did make life better for MANY people she met throughout her life…and you continue to honor her by continuing to share your thoughts and feelings with all of us through this blog. And as she stated in one of her chapters… “you are her rock”…so don’t forget that!! This morning at 1:30am two friends of mine and I went over to Albany and participated in the American Cancer Society Relay for Life event. We arrived just before 2am and from the parking lot you could see all of the candle-lit luminary bags (these are decorated sacks in memory of or in honor of many people affected by cancer)…there was one for Sandy as well (thank you Sue!). I started to tear up in the parking lot…just seeing all the luminaries covering the entire track. As you could imagine this was a beautiful sight in the dark, and very, very emotional. At 3am two more of our friends showed up to walk for Sue’s team. For those that don’t know about these events, it starts at noon one day and goes through noon the following day. The teams set up decorated areas with tents, lawn chairs and even kitchen-like facilities to get them through the 24 hour event. Team members take turns walking the track with a baton for 24 hours. I was happy to see our friend Sue and her husband Jeff (who is a cancer survivor) be able to rest while all of us walked the track for their team. Great job Faith Lutheran Church!! Love you Dan!!
  2. carolyn hitchman (mom) Says:
    Dan–What beautiful words you and Sandy spoke to each other that day. I know all of us who were there for that special event will never forget the beauty of it all. Mom

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