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July 13
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Posted by: Dan @ 11:45 pm

Thirteen. Sandy always said it was her lucky number. She would have been 46 today. And July 13 is also the anniversary of our first date. Sandy called me on her birthday in 1989 and asked me out for dinner. I almost said no, but something made me say OK. Turned out to be the smartest thing I’ve ever done in my life. So 13 has been my lucky number too.

Feeling real sad, I was going to stay home just so I could stay closer to Sandy here in our garden. But something made me get going and head out to go to work. My office is about 25 miles away. So despite the forecast for a chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon, I headed out on my motorcycle. (I just started riding two months ago - first time ever on a motorcycle - a story for another day. Don’t worry mom, I’ll be OK.)  I was about five miles from my office when all of a sudden dark and ominous clouds rolled over the mountains to the south, coming my way. Since I figured it would only get worse as the day went on, I got to my office and turned around to head back home. Too late… about halfway back I found myself riding through a huge thunderstorm — lightning strikes all around me and pouring rain. Some of the lightning strikes were very close and thunder shook the ground. I kept riding… all the while thinking “lucky number 13″… and it’s a Friday no less.

And I was also remembering the huge thunderstorm that evening of our first date, holding each other in my house and watching the storm. We always thought that storm was a good sign for us.

As I got close to home a big lightning strike hit a mountain ridge straight in front of me. By the time I arrived safely back home smoke was rising from that spot on the ridge and helicopters were dropping water on it all day. And as it turned out, that was the only thunderstorm all day.

Riding through that storm set the tone in my heart for the rest of a sad and special day…. waves of rain… flashes of light…

7 Responses to “July 13”

  1. Eric S. Beardsley Says:
    Bro,Nothing like a little thunder and lighting to get the heart pumping!Sis had something to do with that I’m sure,trying to scare some sense into you for riding that foolish motorbike.I’m glad you kept her shiney side up.I miss her so much too.When I’m feeling sad thinking about her I try and think what she’d say to me…be happy,keep loving life,and most of all keep smiling.This is what she’d want.So keep riding through those thunderstorms,Sandy will be smiling.I love you Bro,Eric
  2. ham Says:
    Dear DanO, Yesterday, Sandy’s Bday, PK & I arrived unplanned at the same time to visit the Garden Of Friendship. We walked Daniel’s Forest trail and a yellow swallow-tail butterfly followed us back to the garden. I think Sandy had the 2 of us rendezvous for our own souls, as well as to leave you a message of love. Blessings to you. HAM & Clover Barky Bark Bark (oh yeah, Clover was there too)
  3. Caryn O'Connor Says:
    My brother on a motorcycle? I can hardly picture that…could you post a picture please? :-) Just tell me that you have a normal (full face) helmet and not one of those stylish/half helmets because those don’t protect you properly in an accident. Now I sound like your mother don’t I? And we know a bicycle isn’t any safer, so what am I fretting about? As long as you’re having fun doing it! I thought about Sandy and you all day yesterday (like everyday)…her birthday and your anniversary of your first date. LOVE YOU!! Your sis.
  4. carolyn hitchman (mom) Says:
    Dan–I tried and tried to send you a message yesterday on Sandy’s birthday and your true anniversary but our “server” just wouldn’t pull through. I thought about you and Sandy endlessly yesterday hoping that you were remembering all of the great years you had together. What a blessing. Not many people have ever had a relationship as meaningful and FULL as you two experienced. Please continue to LIVE STRONG—-and please be careful on whatever that yellow thing you’re riding is called. Much love, Mom
  5. Robin O'Hearn Says:
    Hey Dan, we were out riding at the same time on our bikes. Got caught in the rain near Hydro Park and turned around to wait it out under a park shelter with another cyclist. We saw some awesome lightning strikes. Then spent most the afternoon cleaning up the bikes–you were probably doing the same on the “Tour de France” moto. I’d like to see it–want to ride it up this way some nice day? (good winding road!!) You may have noticed an addition to Team Friends of Sandy. Chris and I will be on two teams this year, as we’re also representing my cousin, Mimi. I signed on to the Lung Cancer Tumornators Team with my cousins. Sandy and I had talked about Mimi a bunch before your trips to Stanford. She lives near there. They’re close to the same age and would have really enjoyed each other. So, we’ll be there in Portland with you, like it or not. Let us know if you’re up for any “training” rides together. We can watch you smoke us as you ride off into the distance. Love, Robin & Chris
  6. Susie Archuleta Says:
    Dan, It was really nice to see you last weekend. I feel so close to Sandy when I am with you. I could feel her with you. We will see you again when we are up at the cabin on the 4 - 8th. love, Susie
  7. Mary (always thelma) Says:
    No comment on the bike but getting excited about heading for portland. Need info for the docs coming. Missed you at the meeting. Need u to be making new posters. Hey sis we need to go shopping so come over. Love you all and I actually wore my Thelma and Louise T shirt today. People really love it. we will always be sisters and I ok enough said nite all. Mary

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