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June 2024
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Posted by: Dan @ 6:03 pm

Today was looking like another sad anniversary to mark the time without Sandy in my life…. my 50th birthday.

It took me a awhile to get motivated this morning but I decided just hanging around home wasn’t going to honor the day or Sandy. So I decided to go for a 50-mile bike ride… it was the 50 miles to get back home that were the tough ones. I hadn’t ridden a century, 100 miles, since before I got hit on my bike in 2004. It took me 7-1/2 hours of riding to do it, instead of my old usual five to six hours. But I survived. I’m in a huge amount of pain right now, whole body feels hammered especially my injured knee is on fire, and I’ll be paying dearly for it for the next few days, but it was worth it. Isn’t there an old saying that you should be able to ride twice your age? Hope so.

It’s not the hitting 50 that has me sad (and sore!). Sandy and I always used to say that 50 is hardly old, and you should be happy to make it there, and why do people make such a big deal of it anyway The hardest part is not receiving one of her always sweet and special birthday cards. But then again, maybe I did…

Early this morning, just as the sun was coming up over the ridge, I took the two dogs for their usual walk down to the river. And there, floating on a quiet and calm part of the river, was a large flock of Canadian Geese. In the early light they looked especially beautiful just floating peacefully on the water, not even bothered by the dogs. It was an unusually large flock to be in such a small area on the water I thought, so something made me count them… 50, exactly… and a Raven watching the beautiful scene from a nearby tree… perfect.

Good night,

8 Responses to “50”

  1. Eric S. Beardsley Says:
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANO-you animal!!!We almost came over to surprise you on your 50th but sounds like we would have been waiting a long time for you to show up!!Hey Bro,you’re my hero!Most guys when they turn 50 kick back in the Lazy Boy with a six pack and watch a good football game,but nooooo… not you,100 miles, are you crazy!you’re too old for that nonsense now,get the Lazy Boy out!I’m glad you had a fun B-day and sis was still part of it.Love you,Pat and Eric
  2. aunt janie and uncle shane Says:
    Happy Birthday. 1957 - we all remember it well! Such a happy day in the O’Connor family. What a special time. We love you.
  3. carolyn hitchman (mom) Says:
    And Dan–How well I remember that awesome day when I gave birth to my first child. You grew into childhood with great curiosity — an eagerness for learning about everything. You grew into adulthood with a maturity beyond your years–and with more talents than mere mortals should possess. What a journey you’ve had and continue to take, all the while enriching countless lives along the way. Much love and may you age with the grace you’ve always exhibited. Mom
  4. Susie Archuleta Says:
    Dan, Thinking of you and as always…. missing Sandy. Happy Birthday. Susie
  5. Megan (sister) Says:
    Hey Dan - Happy Birthday to YOU ! I’m looking forward to the Livestrong Challenge and spending some quality time with my brother. I love what Mom wrote about you, so my request for you is to read it again. Best wishes til we meet again soon. Love you.
  6. Deirdre Kohler (a friend from South Africa) Says:
    Hey Dan I am glad you kept busy on your birthday … even though it would not have been my first choice. (I can’t even go 5 miles) Look at all the great cards you got here… Chat soon d:)
  7. Mary/Thelma Says:
    well friends, today has been a hard day for me. A very special friend went home to join up with Sandy/ It is not generally known here yet but our dear Dan Jursnick died this morning about 10 am. Many of us are leaving are leaving next week to be doing the event with Lance Armstrong event and I got a notice about sending a picture of someone we could new with cancer. What do you all think of having a piiicture of Dan and Sandy and I talked to john McDee about people donating money in rememberance of Dan for the Lance Armstrong event. So assistance please on how to do that and I need this help ASAP much love as I go through these next few days with more tears again.. good night Mary
  8. Joan Says:
    Hi Dan - It’s been awhile since I have left a message. You are often in my thoughts. I intend to send great thoughts to you and your team at the Portland event. PK will be getting some donation from our family to help honor Sandy and my mother-in-law, Inez Kern who passed on Aug. 17th from lung cancer. Keep breathing and seeing the special signs. Sending positive thoughts and prayers

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